Tottenham Hotspur v CITY

spudsWe’ve had better weeks, but at least we’ve given the media a chance to write all those Pep’s been found out stories that they’ve been saving all season.  You all know my feelings about this game, we’ll lose, United will win and reduce the deficit to just ten points.  The media can then salivate and report that it isn’t over and write stories like, “Is it possible that City can blow the title,” “Manchester City – the Devon Lock of football.”  That ship has sailed because we won the four important games against Arsenal, Stoke and Everton away and Chelsea at home.  Had we lost two of those, then it could be nail biting, but I haven’t seen anything in the way we played in the last three games to suggest that we are that bad that we’ll lose three against the remaining opposition.  However, I can’t see us breaking any more records and we’ll most likely stroll over the line rather than gallop.  That said, wouldn’t it be typical City for us to beat Spurs and United, full of themselves after their impressive thirteen minute spell in the derby to lose to West Brom and hand us the title in the same way Aston Villa did in 1994 by losing to Oldham.  – I know, I know, but it might happen.  2-1 to Spurs.


51 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur v CITY”

  1. Ahem I said we’d win too ha ha. I must admit though that when Stealing missed that last one I stormed out of my brothers house for fear of having a heart attack! We showed such character though and I thought Pep was just superb the way he handled himself. Cheers Thiery Henry for supporting us throughput this sticky period.

    I actually thought Mourinho was good in his post match interview today.

    I slept last night and will tonight too.

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