The PL Champions v Swansea City

scfcWhat an incredible feeling it is to have won the PL title with five games to spare.  To not have to be the slightest bit concerned whether United beat Bournemouth or not.  Aguero is definitely out for the season According to Pep, so he’ll have to wait for that 200th goal.  Talk of several players being given game time in order to make sure they get a PL medal, so expect to see Mendy, Bravo, Foden, Diaz and a few others for the next five games, meaning that some of the records we’re up for may not be broken.  It really would be good to chase as many of the records left to break.  Of course, the players could switch off and prepare for the World Cup.  I don’t see anything but a win in this game though, provided Pep doesn’t play the U18’s.  4-0 to City is my prediction.


54 thoughts on “The PL Champions v Swansea City”

  1. I’ve been reading three things recently. Firstly anything I can read about our wonderful champions but in so doing become disappointed at attempts of the media to give faint praise but also to have as many sly digs as they can against a record breaking team whilst they big up our distant rivals and turn a blind eye or play down the antics of the Welcome Committee’in Liverpool.

    I also have been reading the KK and agree completely with Tony’s article relating to the whole country being pressurised into paying homage to 8 footballers but rarely the 15 other people who died at Munich.

    I have also just finished ‘The Lost Babes’ about the victims of Munich and their families and how disgraceful they were treated by the ‘Biggest Club in the World’. They were ignored for nearly 40 years until the great God of Commercialisation took power at the Swamp and they made it into a money making (for United) concern. The former goalie Harry Gregg pushed for years and the most he got was a charity match one preseason which was commandeered into the Return of Eric Cantona who received £90, 000 where as the families reach received half that. Several families had been evicted from the club houses on the death or serious injury of their breadwinner.

    It is truly awful reading to any decent person and it numbed me a bit despite knowing certain parts of this shameful story. It was written by a rag who does full some pounces and only manages to get in two mentions of City in the whole book, one of them about the use of City’s ground for evening matches and he makes the silly remark that prior to Munich everyone in North Manchester supported United except for one or two who went to Bolton, Bury. Rochdale. etc. My own family on that side of town would strongly dispute that bit of raggism.

    I write these three things I read because I find it difficult to see why the media choose not only to remain silent on the shameful actions of this club but to praise them whenever they can, part of which seems to include running down City at any opportunity.

    I was surprised that Busby was not the avuncular type he is painted as. Comments from players in the recent documentary about Wenger and Ferguson show that a lot of the things we said at the time about Ferguson were true but we always knew that.

    Rant over, back to the calm of my KK.

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