CITY v Newcastle United

1What a week it’s been.  Sanchez “snubbing” us, defeat at Liverpool, United winning at home to relegation threatened Stoke and suddenly, they are going to “hunt us down.”  One of the cheeky beggars was even quoted as saying that United are using Roberto Mancini as their motivation for catching City as they were eight points ahead of Mancini’s side and were caught up, so why can’t they do the same.  The Liverpool defeat was as expected by me as night following day although I did quietly hope that we’d get a draw.  It goes without saying that the next two games are absolutely vital.  We simply can’t afford to give them any more encouragement that we can be caught.  West Brom in two weeks and starting with Newcastle on Saturday are “must wins”  and quite honestly, they should be.  Newcastle are actually unbeaten since our 1-0 win at St James’ Park a month or so ago.  Winning two and drawing two, but confidence must be quite low what with Benitez is unsure about his future and the club in the middle of a long drawn take over.  Despite being unbeaten in four, they are still only three points off the bottom three.  Unless I’m totally wrong there are no former City players who want to get their own back or former United players determined to beat us, in the Newcastle ranks.  Let’s be professional and win this one and hope that Burnley can do something against United to de-rail any thoughts of catching us.  I’m going for 3-0 to City


Liverpool v CITY

1One of two fixtures that I genuinely despair coming round.  This and of course the trip to Arsenal.  Only twice in my life time (1956) have we won at Anfield.  I suspect any older than me on the board can’t claim to have witnessed many more wins at the “home of football.”  If we come away with anything, it will be a bonus and if by some miracle, we win, they may as well give us the PL title and have done with it.  Not much point in assessing our chances in this game really as we just seem to have a mental block with the place.  Trautmann, Revie and Paul.  Lee, Bell and Summerbee, Royle, Tueart and Barnes.  Reeves, Francis and…..actually, no, they won.  Silva, Kompany and Aguero, it doesn’t seem to matter what team we put out, we never win.  They will be itching for revenge following the 5-0 thrashing they got at The Etihad with the dressing room talk of doing it for Mane.  I’m going for 2-1 to Liverpool with us conceding in the opening ten minutes following intense pressing by de ‘pool.   Followed by us slowly getting back into the game, equalising but conceding a second just when it looked like we might force a winner.  That or they’ll just win 3-0.  I can’t match Gary Lineker’s promise, but if City win, I will watch Match of the Day in my underwear.

City v Brizzel City

So do we go full strength here or not, that’s the big question here with the scousers on the horizon?. I still think Pep will keep faith with several of the fringe players like Zinchenko, Tosin, Mangala, Yaya, maybe Diaz and the rest first teamers. Trying to think of any player connections with Bristol and the only one hitting me is the goat, there must be several others?. As for the score, I’ll go 3-1 City, Aguero, Sterling and Gundogan. I think this will be the team: Bravo, Danilo, Zinchenko, Adarabioyo, Mangala, Gundogan, Y. Toure, B. Silva, Diaz, Sane, Aguero.

Subs: Ederson, Walker, Stones, Fernandinho, De Bruyne, Sterling, Nmecha.

CITY v Burnley

Since I used to live near Burnley and played cricket next to the stadium plus watched the Clarets in the 80’s and 90’s (along with City I may add!!) I thought I would kick this one off. I hope everyone is okay with that.

I think my “second team” will not want to play this game as it is a distraction from their league run and their squad depth isnt there. I have watched the clarets about 6 times on TV this season and am impressed. Their defence is always fully committed and ex-City academy player, Ben Mee and Tarkowski have played so well that no-one mentions the $25 MM pound man, Keane any more. I like Barnes and Vokes up front, their hold up play and predatory instincts in the penalty area remind me of Kevin Davies.

Enough of them! We will win this game and I predict a 2-0.

CITY v Watford

watfordnowA positive response is vital in this game to show that the Palace result was just a blip as we don’t want to give Chelsea or United any hopes that we are slipping.  Looks like we’ll be without Silva again, Jesus and KDB who is still recovering from that slight knock he took at Selhurst Park.  If ever we needed Aguero to step up, it’s now.  Some have commented that he looks like he’s playing for a move, but I don’t think it’s that, more a case of nothing going his way.  Again at Palace he hit the post and one incident typified his luck in front of goal.  In the second half, a shot rebounded off the keeper/defender and he managed to stick out a leg and get a shot in.  Two months ago, it would have gone in, this time it went passed the post.  He will burst in to life at some point and score three, let’s hope it’s in this game.  Against Palace, as in previous games recently, where we’ve dominated with 80% possession, yet only won 2-1 with a late goal, we created lots of chances.  Unfortunately we didn’t put many away and spent too much time passing it round in Pellegrini mode.  Liverpool won with a last minute of injury time goal, not that they should be able to catch us, but their winning run will give them confidence for when they play us.  Three points City with a high octane display.  3-0 to City

Crystal Tipps v Man City

With Woy Hodgson at the helm, Palace have improved recently and now try to play decent football, despite being in the heart of a relegation dogfight. We have some good memories at Selhurst Park, not least watching Liverpool commit suicide here, back in 2014. The Eagles always seem to have a strong squad but that rarely translates into success on the pitch. Rumours abound that Alan Pardew was close to signing Brazilian superstar Alistair some years ago (see what I did there?) but was unable to complete the deal after he was advised not to fly in case his massively inflated ego exploded.

Hopefully, they will have a bash, tomorrow – as they did against Arsenal – and leave plenty of space for us to pass around or through them. With a team capable of dealing with any type of opponent, I see us winning this 3-1. Jesus may well get the nod ahead of Kun and maybe even Super Kev could have a day off (though he may have to wait till next weekend, for that). Ludicrously, we have another game only 48 hours after Sunday’s match so squad strength will certainly come to the fore over the next seven days.


Newcastle v Super City

Should be a routine win eh, what with a hopelessly out of form Newcastle facing the steamroller that is Manchester City, there can only be one outcome can’t there?. They had a good result at West Ham, but their defence is as dodgy as hell, I’m usually the most pessimistic of City fans but I can’t see anything other than a win here. 3-1 City with Aguero scoring twice and one from Kev. Finally I see the whinging one (and I don’t mean Wenger) is crying that City have more rest days over Christmas, than his really hard done to rags, who let’s not forget have two piss easy home matches whilst we travel. We’ve got to him haven’t we? And boy how I love it. Come on City!