The PL Champions v Swansea City

scfcWhat an incredible feeling it is to have won the PL title with five games to spare.  To not have to be the slightest bit concerned whether United beat Bournemouth or not.  Aguero is definitely out for the season According to Pep, so he’ll have to wait for that 200th goal.  Talk of several players being given game time in order to make sure they get a PL medal, so expect to see Mendy, Bravo, Foden, Diaz and a few others for the next five games, meaning that some of the records we’re up for may not be broken.  It really would be good to chase as many of the records left to break.  Of course, the players could switch off and prepare for the World Cup.  I don’t see anything but a win in this game though, provided Pep doesn’t play the U18’s.  4-0 to City is my prediction.


Champions !!

Brilliant, suck on it rags and thank you West Bromwich. Peter Demers you beautiful dreamer, you predicted this. Well deserved winners as on the whole we’ve been fantastic all season. Off to down a bottle of Red, who’s joining me?.

Tottenham Hotspur v CITY

spudsWe’ve had better weeks, but at least we’ve given the media a chance to write all those Pep’s been found out stories that they’ve been saving all season.  You all know my feelings about this game, we’ll lose, United will win and reduce the deficit to just ten points.  The media can then salivate and report that it isn’t over and write stories like, “Is it possible that City can blow the title,” “Manchester City – the Devon Lock of football.”  That ship has sailed because we won the four important games against Arsenal, Stoke and Everton away and Chelsea at home.  Had we lost two of those, then it could be nail biting, but I haven’t seen anything in the way we played in the last three games to suggest that we are that bad that we’ll lose three against the remaining opposition.  However, I can’t see us breaking any more records and we’ll most likely stroll over the line rather than gallop.  That said, wouldn’t it be typical City for us to beat Spurs and United, full of themselves after their impressive thirteen minute spell in the derby to lose to West Brom and hand us the title in the same way Aston Villa did in 1994 by losing to Oldham.  – I know, I know, but it might happen.  2-1 to Spurs.

City v Liverpool part 2

I really have no idea again as to what to expect on Tuesday night. It has to be a faultless performance but after these last two matches can anybody really see that happening. All I ask is that we give it our all, just like the first half against the rags and see where it gets us.

I feel we have to be 2-0 up at the break to have a good chance of going through, and it’s not beyond this City side to do that, but our shaky defence is always going to give teams chances, some a lot worse than Liverpool. If Salah is out, we have a slight chance if not we have no chance. I’m going for a 2-2 draw.

Ederson, Walker, Delph, Stones, Otamendi, Fernandinho, Sterling, D.Silva, De Bruyne, Sane, Aguero.

Subs: Bravo, Kompany, Danilo, Laporte, Gundogan, B.Silva, Jesus.

Ps, let’s hope there’s no nonsense surrounding the fixture as there were a lot of riled up Blues after last Wednesdays shenanigans. Keep it calm please City fans.

CITY v Old Trafford

muLike most of you, my anger over the Liverpool game won’t go away.  However, we need to put it to one side and concentrate on winning the Premier League by beating a poor United side who are only where they are thanks to their goalkeeper.  United are nowhere near as quick as Liverpool and should they try to press us high, they’ll leave massive gaps behind them.  Sterling and Sane should be back to their best, Delph back at LB and Aguero itching to score another against them.  That said, as I pointed out on the last thread, I can’t help feeling we’re at the start of a poor run that we’ve all been expecting to arrive at some point.  Fortunately, we got through the four game tricky spell of Arsenal, Chelsea, Stoke and Everton to make it irrelevant.   United will be desperate to stop us winning the league and so I’m going for a 1-1 score line with us creating lots of chances but failing to put them away.  They will score from their second chance and at the end of the game, the United players will celebrate wildly in front of their fans.  I don’t expect to rescue the CL tie and on the back of those two poor results Spurs will also beat us allowing the media to orgasm on how it will be much closer next year.  Normal service will be resumed against Swansea.  Alternatively, the players may just be so stung by the Liverpool result that they really do take it out on United

Liverpool v CITY Champions League Q/F, 1st leg

1Thought we’d start a separate thread for the first leg, before too many people post comments about it  on Frank’s tickets enquiry post.  Well, well, would you believe it.  The big three kept apart and given the easier ties, with the hope that Liverpool will conquer us and produce a “Big Guns” semi final quartet.  Cynical – moi?  Had United got through, we’d have got one of the big guns and United Roma, to allow them easy passage because it’s fairly obvious the semi final layout UEFA wants.  Can we win this one?  Yes, provided we don’t have a daft twenty minutes at Anfield.  I think we can go there and get a 1-1, 2-2 draw, or at worse a one goal loss, but scoring is a must.  At home and at full strength, we should be too good for them.  So let’s not panic.

Everton v CITY

evertonWell, here we go again after what seems like an age, real football is back.  No injuries from the international break that I’ve heard of, although I’ve also not heard if the invisible man, aka Fabien Delph is fit again either.  That well known City fan from the Manchester Evening News, Stuart Brennan warns us today that Everton have as good a record at against City as Liverpool do, so beating them won’t be a formality.  Not quite right.  I can remember many wins against Everton both at Goodison Park and Maine Road/Etihad.  We even beat them 5-0 twice in the early 00’s, however I’m not taking this one for granted.  United fans will be hoping for an Everton win/draw to ensure that we can’t win the PL against them.  I’m wondering if Pep will sacrifice this and the United games to concentrate on the CL.  He won’t exactly field the reserves, but may rest a few of the big guns.  If so, then I’m going for 1-1.  If we play our full strength line up, then we should win this one quite comfortably as Everton have shaken off their new manager syndrome, remembered that their new manager is Fat Sam and results have gone accordingly.  3-1 to City to take us into the Liverpool game full of confidence.