CITY vs Everton

1First home game of the new season and a potential banana skin.  Our record against Everton is not that brilliant in recent times so this will be a real test for us and a good indication as to whether or not we’re as good as we looked against Real Madrid, Spurs and WHU in the friendly games.  Rooney will be itching to score against us and I wish I hadn’t made that prediction in this month’s KK that he will score in his opening couple of games before drifting off into obscurity.  We looked far from convincing in the Brighton game and completely lost in Girona, nevertheless, I am going to be optimistic and go for a 3-1 win with Rooney scoring their goal.

The big KO, Brighton away

This sounds like it will be a stroll what with us spending £200m so far Brighton newly promoted with no great expectations, so what could possibly go wrong?. Complacency, that’s what, we’ve seen it all too often with City just expect to turn up and the three points are a given. Go with that attitude on Saturday and we’ll get bitten on the arse big time. Saying that we should have too much quality for them so it’s a 2-1 City win from me.

The line up is anyone’s guess though, and I will send my sincere congratulations to anybody who guesses it right. I think it will be: Ederson, Walker, Danilo, Kompany, Stones, Toure, Sterling, Sane, De Bruyne, D.Silva, Jesus.

Subs: Bravo, Otamendi, Mendy, Fernandinho, B.Silva, Foden, Aguero

Video Reviews

The MLS here in the U S of A has started using a video replay system but its based on someone watching the game recommending play be stopped and the ref having a look.  Think this is wrong.  What they should do is the way they do it in the NFL.  They give the coaches challenges.

They get two per game and an extra won if they win a challenge.  I know it wouldnt cut out the managers moaning at the officials but it would help.  All the officials would have to tell the managers is stop moaning and use a challenge if the decision was so bad.

I think the wording is a mistake has to be “obvious” for it to be over turned so the initial decision is crucial.  Of course there would have to be only certain types of decisions where a manager could issue a challenge.  Taking off our Blue tinted specs there have been numerous “obvious” mistakes the last couple of season i.e. the non offside at Spurs two seasons ago.  How about Walkers push on Sterling last season?  What about the Luiz body check on Sergio last season?

I dont like a system where someone watching decides if its reviewed or not.  It causes a problem in that managers will be whining for EVERYTHING to be reviewed.  No, put it in the coaches control…..

Countdown Has Begun

The countdown to yet another season is underway, my 54th supporting City for anyone who’s interested.  I can honestly say I haven’t seen a squad of players as strong as the one we have now.  Ederson, Sane, Jesus, Danilo, Stones, Mendy and Silva (B) are young and good additions.  This week, one internet media site gave its predictions on how the PL will look at the end of the season.  It reckoned that City would finish as champions and if I were being honest, I’d be tempted to agree.  The City factor needs to be taken into account of course, but provided the injury pixie is gentle with us this year, I’m going to jinx things and predict 1st place for us with a semi final place in the CL.  Anyone else care to stick their necks out?


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Young Guns Go For It

I see Gary Neville caused another stir over the weekend when he tweeted that our best prospects are at the wrong Manchester club for getting a chance. I must confess I initially found it hard to disagree too strongly but the more I think about it, I have this feeling we will be such a force, we will be able to absorb a younger against most teams.

Once we have bedded in, I can see us fielding our strongest team against our closest EPL rivals and Champions League elite but against lesser opposition I think Pep will try to blood the likes of Roberts, Foden, Diaz and Sancho. Wonder what you guys think?

Which Player have you high hopes for next Season?

If you could pick one City player who you think will really kick on next season who would you choose?.

For me it has to be Sane as his potential is huge, the only worry is that he won’t see enough game time if we sign another winger like Sanchez. Even Roberts could dislodge him if he impresses in pre season. But I’ll make this Prediction now, Sane will be the star of the prem next season. That’s him crippled in pre season now I’ve said that😑.