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Just a few odds and sods to comment on

1. Thanks to those who have replied to my e-mail.  Ooh, it’s more exciting than the general election, that or I just don’t get out enough.  With nine people to reply, the results are: for newest posts at the

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I will update the scoreboard as results come in.  I won’t get a vote unless it’s a tie. Please let me know If I have got your preference wrong.

2. Can I wish United the kind of luck that their fans would wish on us for the Europa League Final on Wednesday.

3. I have posted a couple more videos on the video page.  Goal highlights of the 72/73 season set to the City song that came out that year, The Boys In Blue.  And goals from the 72/73 season, set to the follow up song, Up The Blues.


So a frustrating, slightly baffling season, occasionally flirting with greatness, but too often confirming our suspicions that the necessary surgery requires more than one transfer window, finally reaches a stuttering, anti climatic finale at Vicarage Road.

Thankfully the goals have returned, and I fully expect a possession-dominated performance, eventually culminating in a fairly routine victory over disinterested opponents.

The days of Typical City have long since departed, but if you’re searching for the Ghost of Christmas Past, then look no further than the Cologne-Mainz result on Saturday afternoon.

Trophyless since 1983, and no European football for 25 seasons, FC Koln appear to have morphed into the Manchester City of 2004-05.

All they require for definite Europa League qualification is victory over Mainz and no fluky result for Freiburg in the Allianz Arena.

Fear the worst if they finish the game with two goalkeepers, and the ref awards a last minute penalty.

But I digress.

For me, the highlight of our season was the victory over Barcelona and the growing sense that Gabriel Jesus is the real deal. Sane has shown some tantalising glimpses, and to be fair to Sterling, he’s probably been the most improved player.

Despite appearing less effective, Aguero has scored plenty of goals, whilst Silva and De Bruyne have both been good rather than brilliant. Yaya appears revitalised, but then again, he should look fresh when he’s missed the first half of the season.

Kolarov and Navas seem to have benefited from a change of position, but otherwise it’s been a general mish mosh of goalkeeping chaos, injury-prone players getting injured, and dubious refereeing, bordering on disgusting, particularly in the three home matches against Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool.

Have a good summer everyone.





Listening to Mr.Pulis after the Chelsea game he felt that they had the luck that by rights should have have been theirs, luck that we may need ourselves on Tuesday.So once more we will be playing the part of the rich boys versus the plucky underdogs. A role we have been cast in many times this season.
This game will be a true test of our ability to cope with the “Big strong boys” type team that “Pep” will have to overcome next season where even a defeat must shape the way he approaches next season. Like many teams they will be happy to let us tip tap the ball around the 18 yard box while they hustle and bustle push and shove with relentless vigour verging on the brutal knowing that they will get a chance on the break. Can we match them for sheer determination, physicality and spirit for 90 minutes? Well no we can’t,but we do have the better players and if we can speed up our passing game and take the chances that are often wasted due to the fact that it takes so long to make them the opposition has all it’s soldiers in position. Not a game for the faint hearted,more a game for the “Death and Glory” types


Another televised match this weekend with this eagerly awaited chance to get a bit of revenge on these cocky bleeders. Sadly, their 3-0 win over Watford was enough to put them in 9th position and secure premiership safety, when just a few weeks ago I was sincerely hoping we would be able to put a nail in their relegation coffin. Nevertheless I am desperately hoping our players feel the same hurt the fans felt when Leicester humbled us at The Etihad last season and away from home in this seasons clash.

The last 5 clashes been evenly balanced at 2 wins and two losses each with one draw but the two defeats were spectacularly hurtful with their players, fans and of course the media taking great joy in our humiliation. This and the fact that 3rd place is ours for the taking make this a very big game so I’m sure the lads will be up for it.

From what I’ve seen of the Watford match, the 3-0 scoreline flattered Leicester a little as Schmeichel had to make a few decent saves in the 1st half. Mahrez has rediscovered his form though so along with Vardy, is likely to be a real danger. However, I’m optimistic and going for another high scoring  victory (4-0).

City v Crystal Palace

Following our recent underwhelming performances, all of which we should have expected to win, comes another chance to see two teams who fully commit to exciting, attacking football. No, wait: that’s not right. It’s Fat Sam’s relegation-dodgers on Saturday. Loathe him or hate him, there’s no doubt that Allardyce knows how to motivate a struggling team and he can certainly organise a defence (maybe Maureen should ask him to represent him, next time he is up on an FA charge). We all know the script for this one: everyone behind the ball and try to pinch one on the break. We clearly need an injection of El Magico to cut through their defence and without him, it could be a looooong afternoon. Another must-win game, so add your own hilarious punchline below. I think we will sneak this, but hey! what the hell do I know?

Boro v City

Not ideal preparation time for this game ,so I’m expecting quite a few changes to the side as some look dead on their feet at present. We looked comfortable at their place a couple of months ago in the cup, but they’ve got something to fight for again in the prem now, so should be a tough game. This is a hard one to predict as I’ve really no idea what our team will look like, so I’ll go 1-1. This is how I think we’ll line up: Caballero, Navas, Otamendi, Stones?, Clichy, Fernando, Sterling, De Bruyne, Delph, Nolito, Aguero.

Subs: Gunn, Zabaleta, Kompany, Y. Toure, Fernandinho, G.Jesus, Sane

CITY v U*ited

RooneyI don’t know about you guys, but I’m still seething about the semi-final. OK, we probably would have lost to Chelsea in the final and I’m not sure what’s worse, losing a semi-final or a final.  Fast on the heels of that defeat comes an important derby, not to decide the title race as many thought would happen when Pep and Moanrinho were appointed, but probably to decide top four.  Liverpool’s loss to Crystal Palace has helped both us and the Rags.  This is arguably our last tough game.  I know, there aren’t any easy games in the PL but they have to face Spurs and Arsenal away whilst we have to face mid to lower table sides.  Rooney is back due to Ibrahimović opening his mouth too wide, getting his foot caught in it and tripping over, but it looks like we’ll be without Silva, Aguero and Fernandinho.  Actually, all three are listed as doubts which means we won’t see them again this season.  Last meeting it was a 2-1 win which we typically made hard work of after going 2-0 up and dominating, thanks to a cock up by Stones and Bravo.  The latter will most likely play as Pep is clearly not happy with just alienating 50% of the fans.  My prediction – I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better so I’m going for a 1-2 loss with us being totally on top, the usual stuffy goals scored from them and all the decisions going their way.  Following which, we’ll go on an unbeaten run to claim a top four place.   By the way, I have added a few more video recently for those who are interested.  There’s the 3-3 draws against the Reds from 1972 and 1993, City’s 2-0 win over United in the 1955 FA Cup, Mike Doyle’s brief appearance on the comedy programme KYTV in 1993 and Francis Lee on This Is Your Life in 1994.